Friday, May 17, 2013

The Stage, with Anne

128 Second Ave, NY, NY 10003

Rating: 1 - Wonderful
Visit #: 9
In brief: This narrow little Ukranian diner is the greatest source of comfort and happiness. We die for the meatloaf platter, the pierogi, the kielbasa, chicken soup and the same friendly faces behind the counter.
05-17 The Stage
While M. is off gallivanting about Japan, I am meeting book club friends at beloved places like The Stage. When I woke up this morning I debated very briefly between pierogies or meatloaf but meatloaf won hands down. Usually the deep fried meatloaf comes covered in gravy but it wasn't today and I think it was even better that way. Each bite had a pleasing combination of crunchy breadcrumbs and crumbly bits of meat. I also like each forkful laden with vegetables and mashed potatoes. At the end of a very long and tiring week, I am holding on to that delicious memory for awhile.

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