Tuesday, June 25, 2013

BBQue Smoke Shack

668 6th Ave, NY, NY 10010

Rating: 6 - Regretfully Yours
In brief: Don't be swayed by the "voted best wings" sign. If you must dine here, maybe try the pulled pork sandwich everyone else seemed to be having.
Visit #: 1
06-25 BBQue's Smoke Shack
We couldn't resist a sign that said "voted best wings" and today, when we needed a quick lunch, BBQue Smoke Shack seemed like a brilliant idea. Anyway, we had to try it, right? Not the best idea we've had. The food takes forever to arrive, there was no Coke in the machine, barely any ice and WOAH when the wings came out. Or do I mean WAH. We picked a medium spicy sauce but in fact the wings were coated, dripping really, in a barbeque sauce that reminded us both precisely of General Tso's Chicken. Still the place was oddly busy, though it seemed most people ordered the pulled pork sandwich. I guess one day we could go back for that, though probably not any time soon.

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