Thursday, June 20, 2013

Bob & Jo Food Truck

06-20 BobJo Truck
A perfect day to spend lunchtime outside, we tried out the closest food truck to our office Bob & Joe Korean Fusion Cuisine Truck. When I opened up my sandwich I felt as though I should be disappointed; a heap of lettuce with large slices of american cucumber. I could have sworn the menu said that the sandwich had carrots and kimchi neither of which I spotted. However after the first bite my fears were assuaged. It could certainly have used some carrots and pickles, but the meat was toothsome and tasty enough to hold up the sandwich. Nothing revolutionary, but good to know that a solid sandwich is available so close by. And next time I'm asking about other condiments.
Bob & Jo Korean Fusion Cuisine Truck, south side of West 22nd Street (near 5th Avenue)

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