Friday, June 21, 2013

No. 7 Sub

06-21 No.7 Sub
I got off at the wrong subway station today, and when I realized where I was I felt it was a sign for me to pay No. 7 Sub a visit. Plus at 11:30am nobody was there yet and I entirely avoided the lines that has kept me away all these years. It doesn't seem like so long ago that No. 7 Sub was new in town and all the rage. Now they've got 4 locations! I decided to try their broccoli sub which I seem to recall was one of their signature sandwiches. The verdict? With all the unconventional ingredients coming together, I'd say it's mighty fun submarine. Would I eat it again? Sure. Will I ever crave it again? Maybe. Would I stand in a long line for it? No. That being said I was kinda bummed that they hadn't received their oatmeal apricot almond cookie which sounded delicious. I guess that means there will certainly be a next time.
No. 7 Sub @ Ace Hotel, 1188 Broadway New York, NY 10001 (between 28th and 29th Streets)

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