Monday, June 17, 2013

Nougatine, with Maggie

06-17 Nougatine
06-17 Nougatine
We celebrated M's decade birthday today, but I don't think we should wait until the next one before treating ourselves to a perfectly charming lunch at Nougatine. The lunch prix fixe offers ample choices enough that we each tried a different appetizer, a stellar tuna tartare, a fantastic shrimp salad and the beautiful watermelon and goat cheese you see here. It's a tribute to Jean-Georges that he is able to make such a simple plate taste so exquisite that you have no chance of replicating it at home, no matter how basic it looks. And speaking of Chef, he was sitting behind us the entire meal, chatting with, I hope friends, and graciously taking photos with diners. A wonderful lunch for a wonderful person on the eve of another fabulous decade.
Nougatine, 1 Central Park West, NY, NY 10023 (Trump Hotel Central Park)


Andrew in Alabama said...

Is that a grilled chicken thigh? The most under rated piece of meat on that bird, IMO.

Front Studio said...

grilled chicken thigh is DELICIOUS. and SO under rated!