Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Sagaponack, with Art and Deb

4 W. 22nd St, NY, NY 10010

Rating: 4 - Just Fine
In brief: Well priced, decent sandwiches. Cannot recommend anything else, but only because we haven't tried the entire extensive menu.
Visit #: 1
06-04 Sagaponack
Sagaponack, the restaurant two doors down, not the village in the Hamptons, turned out to be a rather nice place to have lunch. Despite the dated decor, vaguely beachy, but rather tired, the sandwiches are all very well priced ($10!) and actually good. Art ate up all his grilled vegetables, which smelled delicious from across the table, and I have to say the burger was straight up solid. Today's lesson: do not judge a restaurant solely by its decor, not that we do, but it's nice to be reminded appearances can be deceptive.

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