Tuesday, July 2, 2013

3:40pm apple cider donut

07-02 donut
We saw this bright red donut truck a couple weeks ago on our way to lunch but it had disappeared by our walk back, so today when we saw it on the way to Laut, we stopped immediately. The Carpe Donut little donut robot rolled out two fresh ones and as soon as we got back to the office, we each took a bite, not wanting to risk waiting until afternoon dessert hour. How do they do it? The donut has the classic apple cider taste but oh la la, the texture! It's yeasty in the way of a Korean rice donut, just dense enough and slightly yielding. If you glimpse a red truck nearby, definitely stop and pick up one or a dozen.
Carpe Donut, 5th Ave and 20th St, NY, NY 10011

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sp said...

thank you for letting me know that there's a donut robot ON WHEELS!!

i already have prospect heights' 606 R&D on my list to try an original dreeson's donut robot treat, but i wouldn't mind the donut robot coming to me...