Friday, July 26, 2013

Green Square Tavern

5 W. 21st St, NY, NY 10010

Rating: 4 - Just Fine
Visit #: 2
In brief: It's ok here, the classic orders (BLT, burgers) are a likelier bet.
07-25 Green Square Tavern
More: A couple weeks ago I was complaining to my mom about how tragically busy I was but that after blah blah blah date it was sure to be better. She told me it's always going to be hectic and I should just get used to it. I realized she's right, it's a busy life we lead and instead of waiting anxiously for the one day over the horizon when I won't be over booked, I could exist more fully in this moment and not wait for the future to get easier. That was really a long winded way to say I'm behind on lunch posts and I'm not going to cry about it. This under dressed kale salad from Green Square Tavern was eaten yesterday.

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