Friday, August 9, 2013


08-09 Sweet Green
I'm not much into eating salads as a meal. And today's lunch won't change that. I tried the newly opened, and very well designed salad shop Sweetgreen. The place smells of success and the lines prove it. Standing in line I wondered how they differed from other salad places like Chop't. I honestly wouldn't be the right person to judge that, but the menu seemed very conscious of locally and organically sources foods. And because I didn't want to make my own salad and potentially screw up a good thing, I decided to choose one of their special salads. Which one? I just eavesdropped on the conversation behind me, a guy who says he's been working through the menu, and he was recommending the Spicy Sabzi to his companion. It wasn't a bad salad to say the least but I had a hard time finishing it (both from being full and bored) but I know I'll be hungry in an hour. That and there's something barbaric (to me) about watching people vigorously toss salad ingredients and violently stuff them in containers. It makes it all unappetizing for me. Kind of reminds me of this.
Sweetgreen, 1164 Broadway, New York, NY 10001 (between 27th and 28th)

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