Monday, September 30, 2013

L&W Oyster Co., with friend Thu

09-27 LW Oyster
I used to have an oyster or two when someone else orders them on the three tiered seafood platter, but I never understood the passion behind them until maybe a year ago when my taste buds changed and suddenly I wanted oysters ALL THE TIME. Oysters are not exactly standard lunch fare so when I asked my friend Thu which of the 6 types of oysters she wanted to share at L&W Oyster and she said all of them, I knew we were in for a good lunch. After we finished off the dozen oysters and split a lobster sandwich, I realized I had completely forgotten to take a photo. So we ordered four more of the Montauk Pearls just to have this picture for you dear reader.
L&W Oyster Co., 254 5th Ave, NY, NY 10001 (btwn 28th and 29th Sts)

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