Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Neapolitan Express

09-17_Neopolitan Express Truck
Maybe we can start a movement to bring the Neapolitan Express pizza truck to the Flatiron working lunch crowd. We would support that movement. Today we were invited to midtown to taste some pizzas, we picked the newest, latest and definitively greatest - the "a Diavolo" and the "di Parma". I don't know if it was the charming company or the bright sunlight but the pizzas we ate while perched on a concrete wall were simply divine. This natural gas powered truck is open on both sides, making it one of the more pleasant truck working environments. And if you're worried about time, no need to fret because their oven and prepping methods means a pizza can be ready in a matter of minutes. That's pretty amazing, a fresh pizza with that yummy yielding and crunchy crust, topped with tart tomatoes in far less time than it takes to get a cronut.
Neapolitan Express, Park Ave and 53rd St, NY, NY10022

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