Tuesday, October 1, 2013

The Churchill Tavern, with Demetrios and Reese

10-01 Churchill's
We've been needing a good fish and chips place and although we all agreed the food was a tad overdone today, Churchill Tavern is one of those comforting pubs with $10 half pint lunch specials. Who can resist. We had a ridiculously laden table of scotch eggs, devils on a horseback and more fatty indulgent entrees with our new found neighborhood friends at Method Design. To return the favor we agreed that M. and I will need to become regulars at a place, enough to be called honey by the staff while slapping high fives. Then, and only then can we invite Method to lunch on our turf.
The Churchill Tavern, 45 E. 28th St, NY, NY 10016 (near Park Ave So)

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