Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Genuine Roadside, with David

11-19 Genuine Roadside
11-19 Genuine Roadside
We safely made it to the still soft opening of Genuine Roadside with bags, wallet and camera intact. And wow am I glad we did. This lovingly designed place, Gotham West Market, is going to be a super star in a neighborhood filled with residential towers and low rise industrial buildings. Not to mention the food! We had, and highly recommend, the buttermilk fried chicken sandwich, the french fries, the genuine burger, the cucumber salad and the Soeul train sandwich. Delicious, every last bite. Next on our list are the fish tacos, pickle fries and pulled pork sandwich. Go tomorrow when they open and be prepared to feast your little heart out.
Genuine Roadside at Gotham West Market, 11th Ave and 44th St, NY, NY 10036

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