Monday, November 18, 2013


2 Lexington Ave, NY, NY 10010

Rating: 7 - Offended
Visit #: 2
In brief: Normally a paragon of a place, excellent service and food. This visit was neither.
11-18 Maialino
We were met with the most dismaying service today at Maialino of all places. I have such love for Danny Meyers that I was willing to overlook the initial lack of attention but by the third time I had to flag down a server for something, even patient M. was getting antsy. A soup and sandwich lunch special should be ready to go, we didn't order wine, we didn't need to linger. We had to ask for someone to take our order, someone to bring bread, someone to notice the first course soup was done, someone to take our empty plates away. After an entire lunch of being ignored (was it because we were only spending $15 each?), we asked for the check and found ourselves again sitting there. By now I was so irritated at having to ask for everything, that we stood up, threw two twenties down and walked the fuck out of there. As my hand reached for the door to leave, a waiter came running up to say we hadn't paid. I frustratingly explained that we had paid but not because a check was brought to us. He said thanks and turned around. No apology or explanation. I have to say one of the more disappointing lunch services we've ever had. And normally we quite adore Maialino.

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Anonymous said...

Hi, I just wanted to drop a note here because I had breakfast today at Maialino (I probably do this once a mo for work breakfasts) and while the food was great as usual, the service was appallingly bad. Is it possible this is just the new normal at Maialino?