Friday, November 8, 2013

Maison Kayser

This is not at all what we intended to have for lunch. We meant to try Avroko's latest venture, Genuine Roadside, up at the Gotham Market West complex. But when we turned the corner at 43rd St on our Citi Bikes, M. realized her bag was missing from the front basket. Since I haven't been on a bike for who knows how long, over a decade, we had been moving straight up 10th Ave at a snail's pace so it's unlikely it fell then. It wasn't at the corner of 43rd either, seems pretty likely it was swiped in the crowdedness of Penn Station or maybe Port Authority. A supremely lame thing to happen, especially since M's fancy camera was in the bag, which means my little iphone pictures will be gracing the blog for awhile.
Maison Kayser, 921 Broadway, NY, NY 10010 (at 21st St)

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