Monday, December 16, 2013

Arirang, with Brigid and Lila

32 W. 32nd St, 3rd Floor, NY, NY 10001

Rating: 3 - Feeling Good
Visit #: 2
In brief: This is one starchy lunch, but comfort food all the way. Particularly good on a cold day.
12-13 Arirang
When I typed Arirang into the google, I got a website linked to the restaurant with the url:, which was not the place we went. Not to say our group of 4 wasn't a rockin party, but the Arirang we had lunch at is known for its hand pulled noodles and not its grill. Hilariously the Arirang we went to in Ktown has the url: Accurate, if not entirely descriptive of its array of soups. We tried three large bowls, all unique and heart warming deliciousness. I would be hard pressed to choose between the tang of the kimchi one, the basic chicken broth one or the incredibly delicate seafood one. Note to self, next time, bring even more friends!
Arirang, 32 W. 32nd St, 3rd Fl, NY, NY 10001 (btwn 5th Ave and 6th Ave)

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