Friday, January 31, 2014

Alabama Food Exhibit

Chelsea Market, 75 9th Avenue, NY, NY 10011

So this isn't really a lunch post, but last night we were graciously invited to sample some of Alabama's beloved fine cuisine as part of the traveling exhibit called "The Art of Alabama Food" currently stationed at Chelsea Market. All I have to really say is that more states need to do this! The food was top notch, and really fun. We didn't sample everything but, what we did was all delicious. We in particular enjoyed the Oysters w/ Celery Root and Whipped Cream and Caviar from TRUE, and LuLu's Sassy Sliders from LuLu's, and the crab salad (which I forgot to take down the info) The exhibit is up until Sunday, but be forewarned, it will make you very hungry and there won't be any food offered at the exhibit.
01-30 Oysters
01-30 Bouillabaisse
01-30 Crab Salad
01-30 Sliders and Pickles
01-30 Food Exhibit


Andrew in Alabama said...

Very cool. TRUE is in my hometown but I have been woefully negligent in not trying it yet.

Glad you enjoyed a taste of the South, but I am a little bummed you didn't get any nanner puddin.

Thanks for posting.

Front Studio said...

Yeah the offerings were amazing but were not that extensive. Also I think they were more signature dishes rather than iconic southern food. There were beautiful photos of what I'd want to eat. I would have died for some nanner puddin!