Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Regional Thai Taste

208 7th Ave, NY, NY 10011

Rating: 4 - Just Fine
Visit #: 1
In brief: New York is filled with restaurants having no particular cache, serving a respectable meal in dodgy surroundings. Regional Thai is one such place. The $12 lunch box combo is a good deal.
01-22 Regional Thai
The hot pink carpeted walls and partial ceiling are far more suited to a night club than a lunch spot, but it's hard to resist the $12 lunch box combos at Regional Thai Taste. The tables are set with a fork and spoon but the waitress carries chopsticks in her apron. It's true that Thai food is not actually eaten with chopsticks, they use a fork and spoon, but you so often see chopsticks in Thai restaurants that it's no wonder foreigners are confused. But now you know so don't go around asking for chopsticks for your pad thai.

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