Monday, January 26, 2015


7 W. 20th St, NY, NY 10010

Rating: 6 - Regretfully Yours
Visit #: 1
In brief: We're not snobby eaters here at Lunch Studio, and we are definitely not too picky to try something new, no matter the setting. But sometimes there are duds. And Aleo was a bit of a dude. 01-23 Aleo
The atmosphere at Aleo is empty and a little shabby, but that's ok, we don't need fancy tablecloths and shiny silverware. The lunch specials seemed inoffensive, and at $13 for a sandwich and salad or fries, we didn't have the highest expectations. But then the salad came, and the sandwiches next. Both looked so much like the kind of generic European restaurant fare that you might find next to a train station that we had that moment of doubt. A moment of doubt proved correct in the bland sandwiches and nothing special salad. Oh well. Can't win 'em all.

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