Monday, January 5, 2015


29 E. 29th St, NY, NY 10016

Rating: 3 - Feeling Good
Visit #: 1
In brief: The Patate alla Carbonara, as promised by Bionic Bites, was divine. The Marguerita was fine, nothing particularly special. 01-05 Marta
Danny Meyer always knows how to make an impressive impression, and with architect Annabelle Selldorf, he does so at Marta, his newly opened pizzeria in the soaring ceilings of the Martha Washington Hotel. I love me a good carbonara, especially when it's done properly with raw egg and no cream. The Patate alla Carbonara pizza achieves precisely that. The egg does move it into the category of good for breakfast, but we don't mind a good breakfast dish for lunch. The Marguerita was far less impressive with an almost bland sauce and uninteresting cheese. Oh well, you can't have it all.


Andrew in Alabama said...

Wow. Carbonara with good pizza dough in place of fresh pasta. This is one of my favorite flavors, but who wouldn't be in love with the combination of rich egg, salty ham, and nutty, umami parmesan?

Unknown said...

It's improved since opening- the mushroom pizza is both cravable and destination worthy. My friend raves about their meatball appetizer (I don't eat meat) Been a few times since it opened and its ideal to split a salad or app and pizza for lunching