Wednesday, June 17, 2015


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We tried to have a last minute birthday lunch for M today at the Hudson Hotel but were turned away because of a private party. Which normally would have been whatever, but I actually called yesterday for a reservation and was told they only take reservations for parties over 6 and that at 1pm I should have NO PROBLEM. NO PROBLEM AT ALL. Probably that could have been a true statement if they weren't closed for a private party. I was so annoyed I decided not to speak until we sat down to an actual lunch, many minutes later at Landmarc. Where we all had terribly dressed salads. Wimpy and barely dressed, we left half the promising chopped salad on the plate. Maggie did very much enjoy the lardons in her frisee though. All in all an epic birthday lunch fail except for the very lovely company of M and her gal pals.

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Andrew in Alabama said...

It strikes me that the following sentence:

"Maggie did very much enjoy the lardons in her frisee though."

Would have seemed like meaningless Dr. Seussian gobbledygook to me just a few years ago.

Happy birthday to M and better luck with birthday lunches.