Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Rafiqi's Food Cart

5th Ave, above 23rd St, north west corner

Rating: 3 - Feeling Good
Visits: 1st time cart, 2nd Rafiqi's
The first time we stopped at a Rafiqi's red blazing cart was the location north of Union Square, in front of the Petco. Everyone in front of us had very specific orders like "a little bit of tomatoes, some hot sauce, a handful of olives, lots of white sauce" or "some red sauce, a bit of corn, a bit of onions, no lettuce". Of course when we got to the front we made no such stipulations, resulting in a gyro that had the typical lettuce, tomato, white sauce and red sauce but also olives, chickpeas, corn, onions and who knows what else. This time we stopped at our more local cart in front of Marimekko and were pleased to discover a damn good gyro, especially the tart white sauce. It was a meat heavier than normal so we might actually ask for extra tomatoes next time.

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