Tuesday, August 2, 2016

By Chloe

60 W. 22nd St, NY, NY 10010

Rating: 4 - Just Fine
Visits: First time
by Chloe, the highly touted vegan fast casual, opened down the block from us maybe a month ago and we have avoided trying it because every time we walk by, long lines snake out to the sidewalk. Finally today we had a late breakfast and thought, oh great, a late lunch a by Chloe when it won't be as crowded. Alas that was not true at all. The ordering experience is hectic and cramped. You're surrounded by lots of semi-stylish women who are all equally annoyed at the process but yet somehow still standing there waiting for their order, like we were. We were prepared to be underwhelmed by the hype but Chloe is doing something amazing because the classic burger and kale caesar salad were rather tasty. Tasty enough that we might be tempted to brave the lines from time to time in the future.

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