Thursday, April 6, 2017

Moving On

You might have noticed we haven't been updating the blog, though we continue to eat lunch every day. We've moved to a more occasional model over at a Lunch Studio Facebook page, where you can join us for the same chronicling of daily lunches, interspersed with foodie news that we find compelling. The same feed is fed through the Lunch Studio Twitter so you can follow along there instead if that's your preferred platform. You can still look through this site for eating inspiration, everything we've eaten for lunch remains chronicled in images and text, including many places and dishes that will only exist here in our memories.

It's sad not to continue with the daily blog posts. We've met and made many friends in the almost 10 years we've been logging lunches. Though we won't be posting every single day, we are still here. We're still eating and still delighted with food in all its forms.

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