Thursday, February 22, 2007

Conde Nast Building, with John Lin

02-22 Times Square02-22 Gehry cafe02-22 Corned Beef02-22 trash tray02-22 Michi, John and Yen
We took a field trip to Times Square today because my friend John works in the Conde Nast Building and we couldn't refuse a visit to Frank Gehry's cafeteria. Fortunately for us the corned beef and swiss sandwich with waffle fries was pretty good despite S.I. Newhouse's ban on garlic. Another surprising bonus was the Schweppes Ginger Ale available at the soda fountain! More on ginger ale later but suffice to say, it's a pretty rare happening. The cafeteria is small for feeding the entire Conde Nast company but John says most people take their food back to their offices anyway. Once you're actually situated in a round booth, lunch can be kind of cozy despite the wild curves and canted walls.

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