Wednesday, February 21, 2007


02-21 Menkui-Tei02-21 Menkui-Tei ramen
Maybe it's because we're not American but many of our comfort foods are Asian: fried rice, ramen noodles, chicken over rice, roast pork buns, pho, etc. For us it means we could eat them anytime anywhere and with as much frequency as breakfast, lunch AND dinner, all week long. So even on a globally warmed winter day, a hot bowl of ramen noodles can hit the spot. Certainly no Tomopopo inspired stop, we go to Menkui-Tei not because it's the best around but because it's decent and satisfies a ramen craving.

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Adrian Lai said...

Nothin like a hot steamy bowl of noodles on a cold winter day:)

- Greetings from