Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Nyonya, lunch with Logan

06-05 Nonya06-05 Nonya
A fun lunch with a delightful new acquaintance - last week we got an email from lvhrd writing to see if we would be interested in talking about lunch over lunch. Who are we to refuse, meeting new peeps during lunch while discussing lunch. And it was a great opportunity to meet at Nyonya the restaurant instead of ordering in to the office. Nyonya does not disappoint, freshly made roti canai, spicy fried squids and mee goreng were a good accompaniment to an entertaining hour with Logan.

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Unknown said...

Nonya does not disappoint. It was a kind of meta-lunch. Remember, when you turn back on the tv, that's when they come for you, the Brawny boxes of cat litter.

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