Thursday, July 12, 2007

Pearl Oyster Bar, lunch with Ardency

When our friend Carl, West Village denizen and developer, saw our post on Ed's Lobster Bar he couldn't help but suggest a taste-off with Pearl Oyster Bar, the "original" NYC lobster bar. It's strictly a matter of personal preference but we have to side with Ed in affairs of taste. Pearl's lobster roll was a bit too heavy on the mayonnaise for us and the salad just did not compare. Carl's business partner, Andrew, sticks by his guns however and we have agreed to meet next month to try his preferred place for lobster rolls, Mary's Fish Camp.


Anonymous said...

Where's the lobster in that Pearl lobster roll? Just looks like a glob of mayo.

Anonymous said...

Surprisingly enough, Ed's actually wins hands down between the three. (I did the taste-off with a friend a couple months ago) Love to see what you post after Mary's.