Thursday, July 12, 2007

4:00pm Vanilla Cake & Pink Frosting

07-12 Vanilla Cake & Pink Frosting originally uploaded by Front Studio.

On of the great advantages to meeting up with friends for lunch in neighborhoods not our own is new opportunities for dessert! Today we were just down the street from the West Village location of Amy's Bread where picked up this classic vanilla layered cake with pink (pink!) frosting. Delicious.


Shannon said...

hello. my friend and i are going to be selling cakes to people in our area (we live in Canada). We don't have an image available for our flyers, so i was wondering if we could use your image on our flyers as your cake looks like one of our basic ones. thanks in advance, Shannon

Front Studio said...

Hi Shannon, could you write us at the email listed on the site? That way we can respond privately.

Shannon said...

Okay! Only one thing... I can't seem to find the address. Do you mind if I ask what it is here?

Shannon said...

Thank you, but my friend and I have found an different picture :)
Thanks anyways