Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Thịt Bò Kho, lunch in the office

08-07 Bo Kho
As incongruous as it sounds, a well known technique for staying cool in tropical climates like Vietnam is to eat the hottest, spicy food possible. This ensures a good healthy sweat which in turn evaporates, cooling down your body. Although Thịt Bò Kho (Vietnamese beef stew) is more of a winter dish, the lemongrass and star anise coupled with green chilies is enough to work up a mild sweat. Traditionally served with Vietnamese baguettes for breakfast, it can also be eaten with steamed rice to the same effect.


Anonymous said...

Never seen Bo kho served up quite like that before. Saigon is likey this


No rice, served - as you say - with a banh mi. Still, nice though, ehh?

Front Studio said...

I was looking for this link! I felt pretty sure you would have come across bo kho before. Banh mi is the preferred way to go but when we're eating in office, rice is easier to reheat. :)