Monday, February 18, 2008

Peter Luger, with the Burger Club

02-18 Burger Club(7)
No better day than a slow President's Day to meet up with the Burger Club for their three year anniversary of eating and critiquing burgers. It's been a long time we've been talking smack about going over the bridge to Peter Luger for lunch, but until today we never did. We've been missing out on a delicious burger - juicy with charbroiled crispy parts, a reasonably proportioned bun and melted American cheese (yellow). More than 20 happy lunchers turned out for the event, photos here.
Peter Luger Steakhouse, 187 Broadway near Driggs in Brooklyn


triza said...

OK, where's the 4 pm dessert...miss it love your blog....

thu said...

wow, seriously? a burger slideshow? you (guys) are psychotic.