Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Prune, with Carl

02-19 Prune
02-19 Prune02-19 Prune
Carl recently did us a very nice turn so naturally we wanted to return the favor by eating lunch together. We agree to meet in none of our respective neighborhoods but a little further east at Prune. Well worth the 15 minute walk, Prune has a small selective lunch menu from which we ordered three very good entrees. Served in appropriately lunch sized portions, we left perfectly content, both with the company and the food. It's not a cheap option but it won't break your bank either.
Prune, 42 East 1st Street btwn 2nd and 1st Aves


Anonymous said...

nice... i like your style... you had a Luger burger the day before, and now i see there is another burger today... was this Carl's order? or did you have back to back burgers?

Front Studio said...

haha, back to back burgers would be a bit much, even for us. carl was all over that burger.