Friday, April 11, 2008

4:00pm coffee eclair

04-11 coffee eclair
Do not be put off by the title of Stoner by John Williams because contrary to its name, the story has nothing to do with weed. Stoner is the poor son of a farmer who, instead of continuing in the footsteps of agriculture, falls in love with literature. It is exactly, as the NY Times Book Review suggests, the perfect novel. It is solemn and sometimes bleak but an incredibly beautiful portrait of a rather solitary man.
John Williams, Stoner
NYRB Classics 2006


Anonymous said...

Where did you guys find that delicious looking eclair???

Front Studio said...

Ah for the delicious eclair you have to go to Payard's on Lexington between 73rd and 74th.

Ben said...

Lunch . . . *and* literature? I've never met another soul who's read Stoner. But taste is taste. And you have it.

Anonymous said...

The next time I am uptown, I am there.

I agree with Ben as well. Very, very good taste.

Front Studio said...

Thanks for the nice comments! We do love to eat and read, although not necessarily at the same time. :)