Tuesday, May 20, 2008

4:00pm brownie w/ cream cheese swirl

05-20 brownie with cream cheese swirl
The cream cheese swirls bring a nice tartness to these homemade brownies, made from a Cook's Illustrated recipe. We are long time fans, the illustrated covers and hand drawings feel so old fashioned but the obsessive research about all food related subjects is anything but fuddy duddy.
Cook's Illustrated, homemade


Andrew in Alabama said...

I am also a big fan of Cooks Illustrated. I consider it the "Consumer Reports" of the food world.

The brownie looks excellent, by the way. I might dig that recipe up for Memorial Day.

JTalpesh said...

I love cream cheese brownies. Is this from a restaurant or is there a recipe that goes along with it?

Anonymous said...

Never had one - Will try!

Front Studio said...

Andrew: Indeed that's how we think of Cook's Illustrated as well! The brownies were pretty good, I think the recipe is from a Jan 1999 issue...

Jtalpesh: see above, but you could try your own version by making a brownie batter and then a cream cheese batter (cream cheese, egg and sugar) and swirl those together.

Caroline: yes you should! :)