Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Pampano Taqueria, with Kathy

05-20 Pampano Taqueria
Kathy's post about this midtown taqueria was extremely hard to resist so we quickly made plans to meet for a taste. It's always wonderful to be shown something new that you may not have discovered on your own. Pampano Taqueria is the take-out counter offshoot of the fancier restaurant, tucked away in a day-lit basement atrium of an unassuming midtown office building - a strange place to find fresh and tasty Mexican food. On Kathy's suggestion, we tried the burrito alambre (chicken version) and the chilorio (pulled pork) taco, both pretty good. Both the company and the food was so enjoyable that we didn't even notice the chilly damp walk back to the subway.
Pampano Taqueria, 805 3rd Avenue btwn 49th and 50th (below ground)

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