Friday, May 23, 2008

4:00pm butter cookies

05-23 butter cookies
We've been waiting all week to tackle this beautiful tin of butter cookies, courtesy of our most thoughtful friends over at Leffot. Friday at last! Happy holiday eating!
Yoku Moku, from Takashimaya, New York


Kathy YL Chan said...

ai! yoko moku cookiess are a definite favourite in hawai'i :)

Anonymous said...


K.C. said...

What a great website you have. Loved reading through all the lunches! Of course I did so while hungry.. so heading to store and will probably spend way too much :) KC

Laura Limón said...

My name is Laura and I'm a Mexican girl.

I accidentally found this blog, and I must say I love it. I love food: to read about it, to cook it, to look at it, to eat it...

Just wanted to say congratulations! What a wonderful blog you have.

Front Studio said...

kathy: of course you would know about yoko moku cookies!

kc: thanks! i guess we should have a disclaimer not to read when you're hungry ;)

op: thank you too!