Wednesday, May 14, 2008

4:00pm peanut butter ball

05-14 peanut butter ball
It seems that homemade peanut butter cups (or balls) are on everyone's mind these days as we've seen them starting at Joe's a couple weeks ago, Bouchon this past Monday and now a fresh batch from City Girl Cafe. Today's peanut butter delight is definitely meant to be shared or eaten with a tall glass of milk. The rich dark chocolate and salty peanut butter combo is intense!
City Girl Cafe, 63 Thompson Street above Broome


JTalpesh said...

WOW....that looks very good, but very sweet! Definitely agree with the milk idea :)

Hilda said...

My all-time weakness: peanut butter and chocolate.

Where can I get some here at midnight?!! Sigh…