Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Rheon Cafe

05-28 Rheon Cafe
Lunch was Kim's choice today and she picked outdoor eating because we're finally having beautifully sunny spring days. Which makes Rheon Cafe the right answer as they have a cute outdoor seating area in the back, abutting the newly renovated Vesuvio playground. Rheon's only been open for about 6 months now, but they seem to be doing well. The cajun chicken sandwich was a bit heavy on the guacamole but the burger, like last time, remains perfectly balanced. Still a place worth adding to your local lunch rotation.
Rheon Cafe, 189 Spring Street btwn Sullivan and Thompson


Anonymous said...

what kind of camera do you use? Pics come out awesome.


Piztachio said...

looks amazing. yeah, how do you get such nice shots? good camera? good technique? both?

Alice said...

Oh that's so funny. I had the exact sandwich at the Rheon Cafe a month ago!!

Front Studio said...

Rob, Daniella: Thanks! We don't use any special camera, just a Canon PowerShot SD700IS. It does have a decent macro lens and other than that we try to get as much natural light as possible.

Alice: Funny! It's a nice place, I think we'll be back.