Thursday, August 7, 2008

Bún, withTasha

08-07 Bun
Bún has a funny ordering method in which everyone at the table is given a menu and a pencil. Each person is supposed to circle the dish of their choice. It probably alleviates communication between client, server and kitchen but does seem to be a little wasteful on paper.
Bún, 143 Grand Street btwn Lafayette and Crosby


Koko said...

That looks really yummy and fresh.

Anonymous said...

If that only tastes half as good as it looks...

I must say I keep this blog on my feed reader just for the lunch photos. The problem is it makes me hungry every time.

Front Studio said...

koko: the shrimp and pork over noodles is pretty tasty, although a bit strong in flavoring

rt: it definitely tastes at least as half as good as it looks! and yes, haha that is the trouble with food photos. i'm always drooling looking at other sites