Monday, August 25, 2008


08-24 'wichcraft
Trying to avoid the long prep time for the "hand-crafted" sandwiches at 'wichcraft, we order online for pick-up but of course a technological glitch renders the order lost in space (although not the credit card charge) and we end up waiting anyway. It's usually worth the wait though, the sandwiches are fresh and Tom always manages to find create some interesting array of ingredients. The goat cheese on multigrain bread was a trifle on the bland side but the pole-caught tuna on baguette was a lovely blend of olives, fennel and lemon.
'wichcraft, 568 Broadway at Prince and Crosby


Anonymous said...

'wichcraft waits are TOO LONG. I was really hoping that Tom would have worked that all out by now, but alas, I don't think he cares. And I don't think the sandwiches are made to order either! They are pre-assembled, so what's the issue?

Front Studio said...

It seems that some of the cold sandwiches are indeed made in advance while the hot ones all need to be made (and grilled) upon ordering... but yes it's A WAIT.