Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Fu Wong

09-10 Fu Wong
Thanks to New York Serious Eat's comprehensive guide to soup noodles in Chinatown, we happily discover a more peaceful and slightly less greasy alternative to our usual go-to for roast meat noodle soups. A cousin of Big Wing Wong, Fu Wong is just around the corner on Bowery but miles more calming. There is no frenetic shouting nor any hustle and bustle, just a large open room filled with tables and quiet diners having a variety of soup and rice dishes. The noodle soups seem a trifle less heavy and come lined with chinese broccoli, a welcoming green addition.
Fu Wong, 100 Bowery btwn Grand and Hester

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Maki said...

I can't resist, but to comment when I see noodles on your post:) Looks totally yummy~!!