Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Parisi Bakery

09-24 Parisi Bakery
Not too many days left of lunching in the park but 70° weather is pretty pleasant as long as you're sitting in the sun and there's a brightly wrapped scarf around your neck. We'll have to get in all of our sandwich-in-the-park eating done in the next several weeks to tide us over till next summer. Today we start with tried and true, Italian hoagies from Parisi.
198 Mott Street btwn Kenmare and Spring


Unknown said...

what's in the sandwich please....

Front Studio said...

Well to be honest we never specify what to put in it, we just ask for an "italian hoagie" with hot peppers, oil and vinegar, salt and pepper. The innards you get depend on who's making the sandwich.