Wednesday, September 24, 2008

4:00pm jam on toast

09-24 jam on toast
In college we and our housemates would often spend mornings eating an endless array of toast. We could have eaten toast forever - marmite, orange marmalade, raspberry jam, slices of salami, maggi, honey, everything tasted better on buttered toast. Recently we scored a free Hello Kitty toaster which means toast is available in the office anytime we want. That's practically like saying here's a bit of heaven for you to keep on hand.


Kathy YL Chan said...

hehe, my apartmentmates and I have the exact same toaster at our place!

Anonymous said...

i agree. each job i've had i've contributed either a toaster or sandwich toaster to the staff kitchen. it's a little bit of heaven at work.
this morning i had nutella on olive oil and sea salt toast (the new fancy pants bread flavour from the supermarket). it was just the thing for a thursday morn.

Front Studio said...

kathy - that's pretty hilarious that you have a hello kitty toaster as well! i can't imagine what kind of market there is for it

deb - :) oooh we're going to have to try this nutella on olive oli on sea salt toast combination, it sounds good!

Anonymous said...

yes! it reminds me of amanda hesser's toasts with chocolate olive oil and sea salt. just an easier version ;)

Maki said...

I love toast w/ jam, too!!! Looks so yummy~