Thursday, September 25, 2008

Pinche Taqueria

09-25 Pinche Taqueria
The Mott location of Pinche Taqueria does not exactly languish for attention but their recent takeover of the former Sparky's space at the triangle of Lafayette and Bleecker is a solid gold move. The small space fills up quickly, everyone is waiting - waiting for orders, waiting for a seat, waiting for take-out. But it's all worth it. The taco de pescado (fish taco) is precisely as Ed says, a killer fish taco. The huevos con chorizo comes piled atop a plastic plate overladen with rice, beans, two tortilla shells and a generous serving of eggs and chorizo sausage. Excellent bang for buck, especially if you don't mind a wee bit longer for the freshly prepared meals.
Sparky's, 333 Lafayette Street below Bleecker

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