Thursday, October 30, 2008

Ditch Plains, with Joanna and Olivia

10-30 Ditch Plains
We meant to try Market Table but ended up at Ditch Plains instead, where we had an utterly satisfying lunch with new friend, Joanna and her visiting cousin Olivia. It's a great lunch when the atmosphere, food and company harmonize into one lovely meal. The space itself is dark with rusted metal touches but cozy from the pretty sunlight filtering in the windows. We all ordered different sandwiches and aside from the breakfast sandwich they come standard with french fries and a small salad. Which is such a wonderful way to serve sandwiches! A little bit of naughty and nice. There should be more of these lunches in the future.
Ditch Plains, 29 Bedford Street at Downing


Nicole Homel said...

Is that a marinated tofu sandwich?

Front Studio said...

I don't know if they marinated it beforehand, only that it was smoked.