Wednesday, October 1, 2008


10-01 Kori
As you know Korean food makes us happy in almost any form so when we saw on Midtown Lunch, who heard via Serious Eats, that it's the first annual Korean Restaurant Week this week, nothing else would do but to run out for some $7 bibimbap. Per the list of participating restaurants, we head over to Kori where we had been before, although not for their bibimbap. The service was lacking today but the dolsot bibimbap more than made up for it. Perfectly approportioned with a smattering of beef, one raw egg and various roots and vegetables, we polished off our meal by scraping every last bit of crunchy rice off the bottom of the hot stone bowl. Hurry out and get some yourself, Korean Restaurant Week ends Friday, Oct. 4.
Kori, 253 Church Street btwn Franklin and Leonard


usfa women's foil said...

Not only do I love to eat Korean food, but this is one of the most pleasing photographs you have posted. I love the colors and textures, good work.

Andrew in Alabama said...

Great photograph and a great looking dish. Bibimbap is among my favorite things in the world, and just looking at this made me happy.

Front Studio said...

Thanks for the compliments both of you! And Andrew, glad we are making you happy in Alabama.