Friday, May 1, 2009

Cong Ly, with James

05-01 Cong Ly
James came by to take a short walk with us before the rain came. He chose Vietnamese food and we chose Cong Ly for a bowl of hu tieu my tho. We talked about his recent trip to India and the resulting images taken in Chandigarh and later Ahmedabad. The gray skies and bare bones decor of Cong Ly faded back as we listened to James tell us of waking up early each morning, going to sit in front of some grand piece of architecture, waiting for the rain to die down, the clouds to part and for some perfect sunlight to open up.
Công Lý, 124 Hester Street btwn Broome and Chrystie

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Dream Girl said...

Great lunch story. And I love hu tieu!