Monday, July 27, 2009

Scharffen Berger Chocolate Luncheon at FCI

07-27 FCI SB chocolates
Dang there is some benefit to this whole lunch blogging thing! We were so kindly invited today to participate in a luncheon hosted by Scharffen Berger Chocolate at the French Culinary Institute with Jacques Pepin himself. A blind chocolate tasting started off the lunch with John Scharffenberger narrating a discourse on chocolate making and tasting. Then Jacques took the stage and basically flew through a series of super simple chocolate desserts, all the while being super charming. At various points throughout the event servers came by passing out trays of delectable luncheon plates, everything made, of course, with bits and bobs of chocolate. What a treat to spend a couple of hours this afternoon in the company of other food lovers.
French Culinary Institute, 462 Broadway, NY, NY 10013 (at Grand St)

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Dream Girl said...

Heaven... and I love Jacques Pepin! Sounds like a fabulous way to spend lunch.