Tuesday, August 11, 2009

4:00pm cream puff

08-11 cream puff
With an unassuming storefront which is really easy to miss, Panade has managed to hide itself from us all this time. But how we're glad to have found it! They offer a variety of choux pastries, both sweet and savory to make their cream puffs and sandwiches. We went for the classic vanilla, cream filled to order, and it was lovely. Brings me back to my childhood when "choux cream" (that's what they call it in Japan) was my absolute favorite dessert. We'll definitely be going back for more.
Panade, 129 Eldridge Street btwn Delancey and Broome


Martha said...

As good as the choux are, their muffins are surprisingly amazing. They're baked in tall-ish metal cups so the body stays really moist and the top gets nice and crunchy. Addictive!

Andrew in Alabama said...

Gotta say, that looks great, and what wonderful photography. Makes me happy just looking at it.