Thursday, August 13, 2009

Calexico and La Esquina

08-13 Calexico, La Esquina
A Mexican medley consisting of a a chipotle pork burrito from the Calexico street cart and then a short walk east for a grilled corn from La Esquina. Satisfying, reasonably priced and fulfilling requirements for a brief walk and a quick lunch.
Calexico, Broome St near Broadway, NY, NY 10012 (north-east corner)
La Esquina Taqueria, 106 Kenmare St, NY, NY 10012 (at Cleveland Place)


deborah said...

oh goodness me. that looks so buttery good!

César said...
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César said...

We had Calexico as well. The special was really good.
See you tuesday!

Front Studio said...

The Special? We didn't know of any! What a shame - what was it? Yes we look forward to Tuesday!

Maximilian said...

I only went to Calexico once ahwile ago and want to return soon to do a post on my blog. Can you recommend what you think is best. I think I remember having the tacos and finding them bland. Is the burrito the way to go?

César said...

My favorite in general is their pork burrito. Super juicy.
They announce their specials on twitter, but they usually run out at about 1pm.
Yesterday it was beef brisket in creamy poblano sauce.